Speaker Reviews

On behalf of the members of the Probus Club of Brisbane I wish to thank you for a very well researched and illuminating insight into the Federation debate, and your ancestor’s role in determining the outcome. It was fascinating to see the influences involved. We enjoyed hearing this little known facet of our history and wish you well on your tour of Queensland. Many thanks for your presentation”.
Jayne Tremayne, President, Probus Club of Brisbane (7 Oct 2015)

Our Club members thoroughly enjoyed your address and I have received many favourable comments. Your personal touch and family connection to such an historic event brings a touch of realism to the occasion”.
Alister Maitland, President, Probus Club of Melbourne (20 May 2016)

Thank you for being the Arthur Phillip Chapter Guest Speaker. The number of members who have contacted me to say they enjoyed your talk is astounding. I realise very few people know the story of Federation, the length of the struggle, or the interesting facts about Sir Arthur Rutledge. It is sad so many people know so little about the history of this great country. On behalf of the Chapter members, thank you again for your wonderful and informative presentation“.
Josie Kennedy, Guest Speaker Coordinator, The Arthur Phillip Chapter of Fellowship of First Fleeters (19 August 2016)

We are delighted that you have been able to visit us today – our sincere thanks for making the journey here to the Highlands. It is fascinating when you can link your family tree to great milestones in our Australian History“.
Pamela Cormick, President, Southern Highlands Chapter of Fellowship of First Fleeters (12 April 2017)

That was the best history lecture I have ever heard“.
Roger McMaster-Fay, Gynecologist & Endoscopic Surgeon, Penrith NSW (8 May 2017)

Thank you so much for your excellent presentation last night, delivered so professionally.  I could tell our members were fascinated with the story“.
Pam Pritchard, President, Turramurra Rotary Club – Turramurra NSW (5 June 2007)